Spacers and Clasps for 5mm Flat Leather

An Etsy customer asked for a list of the spacers and clasps that we have for 5mm flat leather. Once I compiled the list, it seemed like a good idea to post it here.

10mm Clasps to hold two widths of 5mm Flat Leather:
Toggle Clasps – Added 10-29-12 – Added 10-29-12 – Added 10-29-12 – Added 10-29-12 – Added 10-29-12
Hinged Clasps

5mm Clasps to hold a single width of 5mm Flat Leather:

Domed Stud Spacers:

Bar Spacers:

Crystal Spacers:

Flower Square Spacers:

We have more on the way!



Leather at Thunder Moon Supplies

We’ve been selling leather at Thunder Moon Supplies for several months and we thought we should let you know about the different kinds of leather that we offer with some examples of completed projects.

Regaliz™ Leather – Regaliz is Spanish for licorice. Also called licorice leather, this is a thick leather that measures approximately 10mm x 6mm and makes beautiful bracelets. The leather comes from Europe. We have a full assortment of clasps, spacers and beads available for this leather. Here is a photo of a bracelet made with Regaliz™ leather.

Regaliz™ bracelet using Metallic Copper leather, 2 copper colored metal spacers, a beautiful ceramic bead and a magnetic clasp.

5mm Round European Leather – This leather is is so versatile. You can make a single strand, double strand, or wrap bracelet.  Wrap bracelets can be two or even three strands. We also have a great toggle clasp to use with our round leather that makes a unique bracelet.  As you can see, with just a few colors of leather and a few beads, the combinations are endless!.  Here are some examples:

Single strand of burnt orange leather with three glass beads.

A simple single strand of deep purple 5mm round leather with a magnetic barrel clasp. Simple – elegant – also a great unisex bracelet.

This two-strand bracelet is made with two colors – burnt orange and olive green – with a bronze-tone bead and magnetic clasp.

This one is a double-strand wrap braclet made with 5mm round leather, a magnetic ball clasp, and a pewter charm.

This is a simple double strand wrap bracelet, again with 5mm round leather, and a simple magnetic ball clasp.

A triple strand bracelet mad with the 5mm European leather. A magnetic ball clasp is used on this bracelet.

A great toggle bracelet made with a single strand of 5mm leather that is folded to look like a double strand bracelet. We carry the toggle clasp in coppertone, bronzetone and silvertone.

This is an example of a toggle bracelet with the addition of a flower spacer from the 10x6mm spacers that we offer for Regaliz™ leather.

When making a double strand bracelet with the 5mm European leather you can use all of the 10mm x 6mm Regaliz™ clasps and spacers. In addition to the two-tone bracelet above, here are a couple more examples of ways to use the Regaliz™ clasps and spaces with the 5mm round leather.

This double strand bracelet uses the 10mm x 6mm Regaliz™ spacer and clasp.

Double strand 5mm European leather with spacer and clasp that also fit the 10x6mm Regaliz™ leather.

Another European leather bracelet with a leaf tube and barrel clasp from the 10x6mm spacers and clasps.

10mm Flat Leather – The 10mm flat leather measures 10mm x 2mm. We have a wide range of clasps and spacers that fit this leather. It can also make a great man’s or unisex bracelet (first two samples below). Here are some samples:

A single strand bracelet made with 10mm flat leather, a peace symbol slider and a magnetic clasp.

A simple, single strand 10mm neutral leather bracelet with a magnetic hinge clasp. So many colors available.

A double strand bracelet made from 10mm flat leather, a flower slider and a magnetic clasp.

5mm Flat Leather – 5mm flat leather makes really cute bracelets in single, double and even triple strands. We have the best variety of sliders and clasps available for this leather. Because of it’s small size it is perfect for children’s bracelets.

A grouping of 5mm flat leather triple strand bracelets.

A single strand bracelet made from the 5mm flat leather.

A double strand wrap bracelet made from 5mm flat leather.

Two strands of 5mm flat leather are used with a 10mm slider and magnetic clasp.

Here a 10mm toggle and slider are used with two strands of 5mm flat leather.

A double strand wrap bracelet featuring a hand made lampwork bead.

A simple triple strand bracelet featuring our toggle clasp.

2mm Round Indian Leather – The 2mm leather offers lots of opportunities to be creative. You can use it as a single strand in a 1, 2, 3 or more strand design. You can use it with 3 strands with 5mm clasps and spacers. We will have pictures of these up soon.

Treasury – Shades of Fall

A fall color Treasury!  It’s so much fun to see our bracelets in a Treasury!  The name of this Treasury is “Shades of Fall”.

Since the treasury will expire at some point (60 days?) and a link to the treasury would stop working at that point, I’ll put a picture of the treasury here instead of a link.

The bracelet that was chosen is a simple burnt orange double wrap 5mm leather bracelet with a bronzeton toggle clasp.

You can find the bracelet in the third row down on the left hand side.

Etsy Treasury - Shades of FallThese 5mm wrap bracelets are great looking and inexpensive.  We have SO many colors.  If you don’t like the color shown, choose your own.  (This is even better with a magnetic clasp)

Thanks for looking!

Copper, Brass and German Wire Specifications

Much of the wire that we use in jewelry making is one of the copper based alloys.

An alloy is a metal that is made up of two or more individuals metals. These are most usually formed by smelting (or melting) the metals together to form a  new metal. For the purposes of jewelry making, these alloys are made to give a specific appearance to the metal.

Copper alloys are referred to by their CDA designation. CDA stand for Copper Development Association and they publish specifications for copper alloys. The best way to know exactly what metal you have is to know the CDA number which will tell you what the metal is made of. Here are some examples:

  • CDA 110 – Copper (99.9% copper) This is bright shiny copper used for all forms of  copper jewelry making.
  • CDA 230 – Red Brass (85% copper & 15% zinc)  Red brass is also called golden brass and nu gold.
  • CDA 260 – Yellow Brass (70% copper & 30% zinc)  The addition of more zinc to this alloy gives it a more yellow color than red brass.
  • CDA 752 – German Wire (65% copper, 18% nickel & 17% zinc) It is sometimes referred to as nickel-silver wire which refers to the silver color, not the metal.

All of the above alloys are 100% lead free and are safe to use in all jewelry making.

If wire is specified with it’s CDA designation, it is an alloy. An alloy is 100% pure metal that is NOT coated or plated. This is the best kind of wire for jewelry making.

Coatings are sometimes applied to help resist tarnishing, but they will also keep you form “antiquing” the wire with heat or chemicals. Antiquing will give wire the appearance (or patina) of being old and vintage.

All of the copper, brass and german wire that we sell at Thunder Moon Supplies are pure alloys.


Welcome to our Thunder Moon life!


This is our first post and we’re not sure where we’re going with this or what you’ll find here, but we hope you’ll join us for the journey.

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