Lupus Sucks

Well, it does.  I mean… there are a million worse things and most of the time that keeps me grateful for my own problems/issues, but some days… it just sucks.

I was looking something up on the Internet for one of my Awareness Peeps the other night and I ran into “The Spoon Theory“.  I have to tell you that after I read it, I must have cried for about a half hour.

I’m not a crier… I’m grateful… happy… not very self-indulgent (okay… there are times… there are times… but not many… or often).  I cried because it was so clear.  It was such a great way to explain to people what it’s like to have Lupus.  It took me less than 15 seconds to forward the link to my kids.

I heard back quickly from my oldest son (he claims to be 41 – I don’t see how that’s possible) who said it was a “light bulb” moment for him.  “NOW I get it”, he said – and it’s been 10 years since I was diagnosed.  People “get it” but not really.

I’m sure that this theory is also applicable for many of my “awareness posse”.  Maybe this will strike a chord in you.  Maybe this will be the way that you can help the people who love you to understand what your life is like.

Because of copyright issues, I can’t print the article here, but I am allowed to link to it for you.

Here it is:  The Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino

“Spoons” has already become a way of communicating for us.  I need to “save some spoons” for Bryce’s football game on Saturday.  His team (Bryce is 8) made the playoffs and it’s important for me to go.  Because it’s not close and because I have to take my mobility scooter (load… unload… load.. unload)… it will cost me some spoons, so I need to plan.  So easy to understand now.

My oldest son told me to prepare for good-natured sarcasm…like…  (said with a huge sigh and a pro-quality eye-roll).. “I’ll do it, Mom.  Save your spoons.”  Sarcasm?  I see it as an affirmation – and a way to communicate about a heavy subject in a light way.

I’m amazed that something so simple could make such an impact!

(Thank you, God, for Christine.. and thank you, Christine, for writing this)



Wedding Jewelry

Michael’s daughter is getting married next weekend and it was my privilege to make the jewelry for her bridesmaids.  They wanted pink… pink… pink,  BUT every bridesmaid is wearing a different dress and different shade of pink.   Good thing I like a challenge!!!  🙂

This is what they will be wearing…

photo:  wedding jewelry

Awareness bracelets on a new level

… thanks to Sharon!

You may have seen Sharon’s name on our Awareness page. Sharon has metastatic breast cancer and the colors of her awareness bracelet should be pink, teal, and lime green. Well, I didn’t have anything quite right sooooo after many discussions (I feel like I made a new buddy),  we came up with the bracelet below. SO pretty!

The leather is pink.  The ceramic beads are teal and lime.  The bracelet has oval sliders bordered with teal o-rings and the ribbon says “Hope” with crystals in teal, pink and lime green.

I sent a note with the bracelet that said that I hoped that Sharon would be able to wear it for years and years and years and, of course, I’m counting on it

I ran into something this week that kind of spoke to me so I’ll  include it here.  I hope it speaks to you, too.

Listen to the musn’ts, child
Listen to the don’ts

Listen to the shouldn’ts, the impossibles, the won’ts
Listen to the never haves
Then listen close to me
Anything can happen child

by Shel Silverstein

(If you would like something special, let me know and if we can make it, we’ll make it!!)


Treasury – Summer Dream in Beautiful Yellow

The color of the sun, smiley-faces, and sunflowers.  What could be happier than yellow?  Since items disappear from the treasury when they are sold, I’m putting the actual treasury here instead of a link to the treasury.

The bracelet that was chosen was a 5mm flat leather triple wrap mustard yellow bracelet – one of my best sellers,

(2nd row down – 2nd from the left side)


Thanks for looking!

New Shop – Thunder Moon Wire


We have a new Thunder Moon shop – Thunder Moon Wire!

The number of items that we carry in our Thunder Moon Supplies shop has grown so much that it was difficult (but not any more) to search for (and more importantly… find) what you needed.

Since Etsy just seems to laugh when we cry for more categories, Michael felt that the best thing he could do to make it easier for his customers to find what they need, was to open another shop and move the wire out of Thunder Moon Supplies and into the new Thunder Moon Wire shop.

AND… it’s a whole new world in Thunder Moon Supplies.  Looking for all things related to 5mm round leather?  There’s a section for that.  How about Regaliz™ leather and findings?  No problem!  There’s a section for that, too!

And… need wire?  I’ll bet you’ll never guess where the wire is now!   How about Thunder Moon Wire?  (Just a guess)

The Thunder Moon Family is growing!   We now have FOUR shops:

We try to do whatever we can to make life easier for our customers/friends – which, in this case, meant opening a new shop.  We hope we’ve improved your shopping experience.

Check us out!  🙂

Treasury – April Showers Brought May Flowers

I love it when someone chooses something I made for their treasury!  I love ti SO much that I’ve decided to start putting the treasuries on the website. Since the treasury will expire at some point (60 days?) and a link to the treasury would stop working, I’ll put a picture of the treasury here instead of a link..

The bracelet that was chosen was a burnt orange Regaliz™ bracelet with a great flower slider (3rd row down on the left side)

Etsy TreasuryI had barely listed the bracelet when it was chosen for the treasury!  This one is one of my favorites.  I’m glad to see that someone else likes it too.

Thanks for looking!

Treasury – Fuchsia

We made another treasury!   Woooohooooo!  The name of the Treasury is “Fuchsia”

Since the treasury will expire at some point (60 days?) and a link to the treasury would stop working, I’ll put a picture of the treasury here instead of a link..

The bracelet that was chosen is a 5mm double strand, double wrap bracelet that screams.. “SPRING!”.  This is a happy bracelet and how great would it look with white??

The bracelet (the only bracelet in the treasury) is on the third row down – the third picture from the left.

Etsy Treasury 05/12/13  - FuchsiaThis is such an easy bracelet to wear. It looks like it wraps around and around, but it does not.   Because it’s a double strand, double wrap bracelet, it only wraps once but looks like oh, so much more!

Thanks for looking!