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Hi! Welcome to Thunder Moon!

We’re Jane McKinnon and Michael Edwards and we are all things Thunder Moon.

We love music, jewelry (and jewelry supplies), poetry, good books, movies, creative people, life in general – and of course, family.

Michael is a father of two.  He has a son who lives in Indiana and a daughter who is in college in Indiana, but gets home to Delaware as often as she’s able.  Michael is an Assistant Manager at Guitar Center, Wilmington, DE where he loves playing (for over 40 years) and selling acoustic guitars.  When he’s not at guitar center, Michael manages Thunder Moon Supplies, Thunder Moon Chain Shop , and Thunder Moon Wire  on Etsy from our home in Wilmington, Delaware.  (He’s also responsible for washing towels and emptying the dishwasher.)

Jane is a mother of six (3 sons and 3 daughters-in-law) and grandmother of 8 and the adoptive smother-mother of Michael’s daughter, Chelsea (whose mother has been kind enough to share).  Jane does final technical review of web pages for the State of Delaware in real life  but would much rather make jewelry (Thunder Moon Gallery and Thunder Moon Awareness)and learn to play the guitar.  (She is responsible for filling the dishwasher, folding those towels when she can beat Michael to it, and remembering when it’s recycling day.)

We’ve been accused of being pathologically antisocial, which may have a hint of truth to it (we do love being at home), BUT we think we’re pretty friendly people.  We hope you’ll follow along and join us on our journey – wherever that leads.  We’d love to hear from you.  Please keep in touch!



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  1. Looking into buying the seashell charm chain. IT looks like you only have it on etsy in 2ft quantity. Is there anywhere else to buy it?

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