New Year Promises

It’s a new year – full of new year promise – and new year promises.  Did you make any resolutions?  We’re a month into the new year.  Are you still keeping those resolutions (if you made any)?  Maybe you’ve decided to discard or modify a resolution – or not make any at all.  You can make your own rules, you know.  There are no “resolution police”.

This year I decided NOT to make any resolutions.  Safer.  More chance of success.  Seemed sensible.

Now it’s February and what am I doing?????  I’m thinking of making a resolution – or two.  There is consistency in my inconsistency.

My first resolution (and really… isn’t that enough for one day???) is to be more consistent (there’s that word again) with this website for the year 2017 (a pretty broad promise).  We may close a shop or two (or open a shop or two – who knows) and we may evolve a little, but I hope to maintain the site a little better this year.  Is there anything special you’d like to see?

Thanks for sticking around.  Hopefully, we can find out together where this goes.

Have a hopeful 2017!

“There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.”
~ Bernard Williams ~

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