Searching for the High Road

I have started this post over and over again and I’m still not sure what I want to say.  I guess I’ll just… start.

I tried to teach my kids when they were growing up to always do the right thing no matter what anyone else did/does.  “You can only be responsible for yourself,” I told them.  “You can’t help or change what other people choose to do.  YOU do the right thing.”

Be honest…be kind…be ethical…have integrity. It’s the way to sleep well at night. Do what’s right.

So here I am… 64 years old… trying to follow my own advice.

Someone did something recently that I found sad and disappointing.  I was surprised that this person runs a business, seemingly without having learned those lessons.  (and.. oh yeah!  I was angry, too! Can you tell?)

Okay… so here’s the scoop…

Months ago, this person (let’s call her Patricia) asked me for a quote to make a wholesale purchase of bracelets.  I spent a good deal of time preparing the quote.  Patricia approved the quote and after providing me with her PayPal email address and shipping address, she requested an invoice (which I provided).

She never bought the bracelets.  Okay.  It happens.  Life goes on.

Several months later, I got another message from her, telling me how well the bracelets were doing and asking me for another quote.  Well… I knew she never bought the bracelets, at least not from me.   I wondered what was up, but I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt.  I didn’t want to think that she was intentionally misrepresenting her intentions.  She couldn’t be that unethical.  Could she?  And so I took the time and prepared another quote.  Again, no purchase.

Ten days ago, I got another message saying “I would like to place another wholesale order with you”.  Really????

This time I wrote back and VERY politely asked how they are using my quotes and where they are buying their bracelets.  *crickets*  Ten days… no reply.

My first thought (which I have abandoned) was to publish her name and the name of her bricks-and-mortar store on Facebook, Twitter, and here – with scathing comments, but that would be unkind and retaliatory and neither of those are who I want to be.

I don’t wish her ill will.  She’s had far too much sadness in her life already.  I wish her love… and kindness… and I hope that she is treated better and with more integrity than she treated me.



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