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Deepak Chopra said in an interview with Oprah that he believes that prayer is talking to God.  Meditation is allowing God’s spirit to talk to you (me).  “Interesting”, I thought – “confusing, but interesting”. I wondered how meditation would allow God to talk to me. Would He speak in a voice that I would hear in my head?  (Hey… who am I to say that wouldn’t happen?)  How would I hear Him speak? And would He???

Several months ago, Mr. Chopra was offering a free 21-day meditation through Oprah, so, I signed up and started.  I mean… after all, it was free!   What did I have to lose?

I had NO idea how many thoughts run around in my head ALL of the time, until I tried to quiet my mind.  It was amazing and actually kind of funny. The thoughts just never stop.

By the end of the first day it made sense.  How many times did I say to my kids when they were growing up… “You can’t possibly hear me when you’re talking.”  Light bulb moment!  How could I possibly hear what God was saying to me when my mind was so busy talking.

What did I find out?  How does God speak to me?  I think He speaks through circumstances… opportunities… urgings in my spirit… needs that speak to me (I believe that this whole area of our website is part of that). I’m not an expert and I sure don’t have all of the answers, but I’ve learned that if I want to hear what God has to say, I need a quiet mind.

ANYWAY… Oprah and Depak are doing it again.  This time the meditation is called “21 Day Meditation Challenge – Perfect Health”. (Of course, I thought of you.)   And… it’s FREE! All of the information is at the link above and here.

The 21-day meditation begins on Monday, March 11th and continues for… duh… 21 days.

I’m going to do it!  I can hardly wait!

Wanna join me?deepak-chopra300x205


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